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[52 minutes into this call] Dear gods, deliver me from tier one support...

Why does Windows time service keep setting the clock back five minutes from the time I see everywhere else?

That self aware moment you realize don't think you applied enough deodorant this morning.

Hope nobody tried to get to close until I go home and change.

Small Victory:
I finished all of my coffee this morning before it was no longer fresh (according to the beep on the coffee pot.)

Sixty dollars for professional pitch trainers at the store. Wiffle balls were cheaper.

I watched Last Week Tonight, but watched it last night. Discovered Mississippi's flag.

I researched, and it's a real flag. I also learned that isn't the Confederacy's flag, but the Confederacy's military flag. Further learning was West Virginia was part of the Confederacy.

...And I am still just depressed that racists like that have ever been big enough to have their own country. Humans are garbage.

I made it about halfway through the checklist before I had the last five :KorokSeed: Korok seeds, got those, and I got Hestu's gift! Yeah!

Now, I have 99.59% completion. What is that last .41%?

I find any "tech" that starts his troubleshooting by opening Edge when other browsers are already visible to be very suspect.

The first page of the Nova story in Guardians of the Galaxy Annual 2019 is awesome. Al Ewing rarely disappoints, and this is no exception. :HorizonLabs:

The reference map I was using has all the Koroks, and I have marked all 900 complete!
:KorokSeed: :KorokSeed: :KorokSeed:

....but in the game I have collected 895. Now I have to go through and compare the game map to the 900 data points by hand.

Dag. Inara wants to play Zelda, so my Korok hunt will have to wait.

Dad Joke 

Another drink, not another GIF. We're going out for Rita's Italian Ice first, though. Then, more bourbon.

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Nobody: How long did that take you?

Me: Glad you asked! I don't know, but it took me exactly as long as it took to drink the drink in the picture. Now I need to make another.

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:DrunkPete: Preview GIF!
This week we are reading Phoenix because of the X-Men movie coming out. I may have put too much effort into this one. What do you think?

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