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After throwing back a cup of ritual espresso for my Mabon ritual, going back to sipping my normal morning black coffee feels really weak.

Three hours after waking up, an hour after yelling at my kids to eat before school started, I realize I forgot to eat breakfast.

There are times the tiles I get in my word games spell out (or nearly spell out) something that fuels my imagination, and if I were a writer, I would throw out some story about it.

"Coax Boi" is the latest, and after I realized I had two A's instead of Os, the story ends up being about "Coax Bae."

In happy news, I don't know why but my coffee is surprisingly tasty today.

Cheers! ☕

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite bugs me more than it should that they say Wizards and don't mention Witches. I am not sure if the words are pointlessly gendered or if the game is, but either way it annoys me.

Think I'll upgrade :Chance: @Chance to the latest distribution for her OS. Cross your fingers! 🤞

So, I had nothing going on this morning. I think I am going to finish this work thing, then go mow the lawn, shower, then have some pop corn.

(This is pretty much everything for my entire day.)

They say humans are great at finding patterns, even when none exist, but I think I see emerging AI in a lot of small places. For example, I played a 126 point word, and Albot responds by giving me tiles saying "Yikes!!"

[Local time: 13:23]
You know I was sluggish getting rolling today when I am only now finishing my coffee. I guess I will go look for some breakfast.

I got up at my usual time to do my workout, but instead I stared at my computer for an hour. I am now using my procrastination skills to get some work done instead of going to work out.

I need to create a fetch to make sure I get meals. I want to sit at my desk and just shout, "Stiny, bring me a danish!" and get breakfast.

Every Friday at work: *silence*

Today, when my phone breaks and I need to go take it in and then go out to other meetings*:

Today's Rant:
"It's been a horrible year! Corona virus, hurricanes, Black Lives Matter..."

It pisses me off that people lump things together like that, as though people trying to be treated fairly was yet another disaster that decent humans have put upon them. If you want to try to claim they are calling the horrible treatment people receive as the disaster, that isn't new or limited enough to put in this list. You might (MIGHT!) be able to list the uptick in police brutality instead.

Update: Number of computers I am currently actively working on:


So, today my workout was brutal, but I finished it! I am still trying to come down from it, but I completed all of the steps the video told me to do.


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