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I haven't posted this for a while, but Harry Potter: Wizards Unite made a massive, fun update, so I'm reposting:

Friend Code is: 8225 8252 1816.

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Posts here are just my way of screaming into the void; thoughts I want to express, but don't really expect anyone to want to listen to.

(Feel free to listen anyway.)

uspol, canada, fox news 

big congrats to canada for taking control of the upper peninsula of michigan without bloodshed.

It's a bit surprising that apple didn't call their latest OS version XI as a way to get some brownie points with China

When I get a reply from someone saying they got my message, I find that I apparently respond with a thumbs up...

...physically. To my monitor.

So, that failed, and instead I am going to throw an extra hard drive into @Chance. See you in the aftermath.

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I am going to screw around with my Mastodon config file and restart it. This will probably break it. If so, I'll revert.

Regardless, is going to be up and down a bit. Heads Up.

Folks, if you need to talk or vent this week, my DMs are open. Now or tomorrow or whenever. Don't bottle it up, and don't think you're alone. You are loved.


If I open the ticket in my ticketing system in a tab to look at it, that's enough, right? I don't actually have to .... you know... work, right?


I've been busy lately. It's like I actually have to work if I want to keep my clients paying me.

Slow, dragging start to the day, and the workout looked hard, but even though I really I felt it in my muscles, it wasn't bad at all. The Egg/ham/cheese muffin I made was very tasty, and it looks like I cleared my work queue pretty effectively yesterday.

Seems like today is going okay!

"Look upon my breakfast, ye mighty, and despair!!"

I came here to chew gum and exercise my democratic rights, and I'm all out of democratic rights.

Does anyone else find themselves saying things like "By the end of the year, we may get the house reappraised, assmuing we still have an economy."

Today's power failure at least proved that the last time I had an issue I did successfully fix the Cron startup job on @Chance for Mastodon. Yeah!

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